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The Old House By The Woods

Readers’ Favorite 2021 International Book Award Medal Winner

Global Book Award 2021 Medal Winner

When martial arts expert, ex-police officer, and private detective extraordinaire Ria Robertson is hired by Eve to investigate unexplained paranormal activities and mysterious occurrences in her newly bought home, Ria can’t wait to solve the mystery of the century-old haunted house surrounded by a dark, ominous forest in Mistgrove.

Joined by Jenny and Andy – her teenage sister and best friend – and the last words of a dying man, they set out to uncover the secrets of the creepy, old, haunted house. Little do they know that a mysterious killer is on the loose and that no one is safe in the old house by the woods. Soon they walk into a fast-paced murder mystery and cold case investigation, tangled with hidden clues, frightening beast, and imminent danger.

Running against time, will the crime-solving trio be able to solve the mystery behind these strange and scary paranormal occurrences? Can they dodge the killer lurking in the woods long enough to figure out who (or what) is behind the unsolved murders?

The Old House by the Woods is an award winning, highly praised, vibrantly illustrated, thrill-packed YA Mystery book with twists and turns ideal for readers who love classic “whodunit” mysteries, gut-gripping thrillers, and daring adventures. 



Award-winning author Soma Kar’s long-cherished dream of publishing her own mystery book became a reality with her award-winning latest novel – The Old House By The Woods. This is her debut cozy-mystery-thriller book in the Detective Ria Robertson series. With a fascination for hooks and ingenious sprinklings of clues along the way, Soma tries to bring out the inner detective in her readers.  Her irresistible desire is to write books her readers can relax with, and escape from their everyday life…and ones that they walk away from with a happy heart!    

Grady Harp (Amazon top 100 Reviewer – Hall of Fame) says in his review of the book, “A fresh new voice in the genre of solid mystery writing, greatly enhanced by the author’s artful illustrations makes this introduction to a new series impressive. ”  

Soma traces back her love for writing to her high school years, where she would write extensively for her school magazine. Driven by her passion for creative activities, she completed a Diploma in Fine Arts.  

Soma holds a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Technology. She is an award-winning test leader working for a multinational company in Sydney.

Soma hails from the Indo-Aryan Bengali Ethnolinguistic Group and is the first Australian Bengali woman author of Indian origin to win book awards for a self-published book. When she is not reading or painting for relaxation, the fitness enthusiast loves to recharge by running, jogging, taking brisk walks, and spending time with her family. 


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'Why not a female spy?': Sydney mum pens debut novel in lockdown, wins medals

Soma Chaudhuri decided to fulfil her long-held dream of writing fiction as she couldn't socialise with friends and colleagues during the lockdowns in New South Wales.


  • Soma Chaudhuri’s debut book ‘The Old House by the Woods‘ has won two bronze medals
  • Ms Chaudhuri self-published the book on Amazon in February 2021
  • She migrated from India in 2003